Facing the Facts

Facing the facts is something I struggle with. I find myself denying the truth when the inevitable facts are staring at my face. I need to prod myself to actually conquer them and realize that God didn’t make me excel in that area for his own reasons. Knowing that God approves everything that happens in your life before it happens gives me hope. It makes me comfortable to know that there is a reason behind the way every day of my life goes.

When you face the facts and determine the truth and reality of your life it strengthens your faith. You need to accept that God made you the way you are and that is how He wants you. Looking the sad or joyous truth in the eye is something we all have to do. Even through our hardships and confusions through accepting the truth we must persevere and know that God is with is and He will never let us go.
Once we accept the truth and move on we can be the change and the light in our society today.




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