Musings of a Christian Girl

I’ve created this blog to collect together all my discombobulated thoughts as well as blog for His glory and share to anyone that will listen. I’m simply a Christian girl with a passionate love for my King.

There are times at night when I lie awake and ponder the ways He has blessed me and there truly are more then I can count. I am continually and always blessed and loved by my Father. When I truly think about it I find myself drowning in tears of happiness. I am realizing that I may say I’m a Christian but I really need to put my faith into action. Be bold and be brave by showing your faith through your actions. Try something little like writing a blog like me or take a huge leap of faith. No matter how great or small steps you take, I assure you that Jesus will be pleased. Some may find it hard to comprehend that I ponder such things that I do at such a young age. I just count it as a blessing.

I doubt like everyone else. In fact doubting God is a huge struggle in my life that at times turns my life into an upside down maze. As I wander about the path of life I observe the people around me and feel honored to even be included among them. Fathoming the incomprehensible beauty and wonder of the world that God created for us is impossible. Everyday I look upon Him with an awe because He never ceases to amaze me. This blog is part of my journey to grow closer to Him and strengthen my faith. I hope that one day I’m brave enough to share this to those close to me. Having this out here so that the whole world can see encourages me to believe that someway and somehow I will touch someone through this or spark an idea.
Writing my jumble of thoughts helps me understand myself and God better. I thank Him for He is good and His love endures forever.

My life verse has helped me time and time again in my times of helplessness and doubt. I hope that it will encourage and inspire you as you go about exploring the depths of Christianity and the big guy upstairs that you truly believe in.

Hebrews 11:1-Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and being certain of what we cannot see.

To His Glory and His Holy name<3


This quote has inspired me and I hope that it will ignite and implant the truth in your mind that with God NOTHING is impossible.


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