Finding time for Him

I’m finding myself lacking energy and sleep these days. What I really think it is , is that I’m lacking time with God. We really should find time to reflect on our day with God and pray once every day. I know, I’m preaching this to you and I’m not even doing it myself… There are so many opportunities I have but I waste them away on meaningless things. I’ve decided to devote 10 minutes of every day for at least the next week, hopefully the rest of my life, to God. I believe that great things will result from this time. I’ll check back in with you on this topic and my failures and successes next Sunday. Prayers are appreciated. Ponder your life now and if you don’t already consider doing this simple task with me. 10 minutes every 24 hours, 7 days a week. Jesus makes everything better. He is everything I need. Check in with His word as well. I’ll be sharing what I find that is meaningful to me. Have a blessed week.



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