Putting Time aside for Him on Busy Days

Revisiting my earlier recent topic I have found that spending time with God and in His word every day has helped me a considerable amount. You feel like a renewed person, honestly no matter how young or how old you are this should be on your to-do list. Now we approach the obstacles of busy days. Those days when you feel like blehh and want to do nothing and those days when you’ve done everything you could but not nearly enough. Trust me when I say if you spend some time with Him you WILL feel better. Pray for guidance and strength but be reasonable and if your prayers don’t get answered right away or in the way you would like them to, don’t shun God. He payed a price for us and we owe it to Him to repay. Try to put aside time for Him always, even busy days or say a quick prayer while you’re busy working. If you absolutely don’t have time or miss a day there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that you should prioritize Him above everyone else every single day of your life.

Have a blessed weekend!



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