List of Blessings

I am putting together my list of blessings of all the things in my life so that I may celebrate, exalt, and glorify the wonderful Lord of my Heart and give Him praise. Feel free to join me in your own devotional time if you think you may benefit. I’ve been inspired to do this through a series of videos of an inspirational speaker that I have watched at church. I am looking forward to my eternal life after this one and will strive towards His excellence and praise in this one to be only pleasing to Him. I am hoping to add at least five things on each day for a while.
These are my first 15 things, simple things and some of the most important gifts that the Creator has blessed me with.

Note: I have written this list to God so every time I say You I am referring to God.

1. You; My Maker, God, SAVIOR, KING…
2. Your Mercy; Promise of eternal life;
3. Faith; Belief in You, the Highest, that is a rough journey yet so fruitful; An opportunity I have accepted;
4.Family; My parents, siblings, their guidance and relationships with me;
5.Friends; their steadfast support, companionship, help from loneliness, their understanding and generosity in my faults, mistrusts, and times of doubt.
6. Prayer; A way to connect to You, the Almighty, a comfort and a healing;
7. Your Grace; You give us your Grace, and look at us as if we were not sinners;
8. Healthiness; I thank you for making me fearfully and wonderfully. I am extremely grateful and lucky to be as healthy as I am.
9. Free Will; I thank You for the will to choose, to be independent and have the option to glorify You and be saved.
10. LOVE; I thank You for Love, for the ability to Love, I thank You for your indescribable Love that conquers all.
11. House; I thank you for a house to live, for many are thankful for much, much less. I am blessed.
12. The BIBLE; Your Word, Your Message, Your Wisdom and guidance for me.
13. School; An education, and a place to excel in this world before Your heavens.
14. Nature; beauty to mankind, pleasing to the senses, Your masterpieces, evidence of Your amazing skill.
15. Your Son; Jesus, Deliverer, for us to be delivered from evil, for us, KILLED for us, given to us, undeserved, mercy and grace were bestowed upon us and the greatest gift your Son <3


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