Emotions and Struggles

Lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress. Time and the devil are pushing at me. I constantly am reminding myself that God will make some good come put of this. I’ve put a few of my emotions and struggles into my writing. Here is a poem about how I look at myself. He truly is a wonderful King.

Mind spinning
Confused to wear I belong
Who is genuine
Who is fake
Vulnerability shining through
Time is ticking
Life is fading
Choices are yet to be made
Yourself but a stranger
Nervous and shaking
Sickly and fainting
Imagination soars to the sky
Hope renewed but dashed
A glimmer and a flash
Creativity draws a blank
Yet wishes still incline
Empty and broken
Lifeless and awoken
Filled with beautiful spirit
Another day
Another dawn
Another poem
Another song
All in this amazingly tragic
Overflowing with magic
Cracked but peaceful soul


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