We as Christians often recognize being judgmental as a sin. By glancing at someone and taking them in for 5 seconds we automatically judge them based on basic appearance. Human nature acts on instinct by judging others.

The sad truth is that, we as Christians tend to judge more than non-believers. We see what is considered “ungodly” and therefore judge people before we even know them.

There are some amazing people out there that you just need to be willing to get to know.

I’m challenging you to act with me and pressure yourself to constantly not judge people before you get to know them. I’m trying for at least a week but hopefully longer. One day judgement day will come and He will judge us all.

Don’t feel bad if you have judged because everyone has. We’re all sinners. My only advice is to give it your best effort to try not to again. I really hate preaching like this but I’m as faulty if not more so than the rest of you are.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Have an amazing week! I’ll leave you with this verse to ponder.





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