Many Christians have daily devotions. Devotions are basically a time of day that you devote to spending time with God. Recently I’ve been trying to do my Devotions on a daily schedule. There are many different magazines, apps, online sites, and books that are great devotionals. Honestly when it all comes down to it the BIBLE is the ultimate devotional of all time. One very great devotional is Jesus Freak by DC Talk. It’s a book that is named after their one song and it’s filled with devotionals about Christian martyrs and their amazing and honorable stories. Here are a few scriptures that are good to meditate when you spend your time with God. I sorted a few with their relevant topics that you may be dealing with in your life today. I try to do a daily devotional but I find myself making other things priority. I want to make Jesus my #1 priority in life. The whole reason God gave me THIS life is so I can live it for HIM. I’m still unsure how and am constantly praying for His calling. This is my goal in life for He gave it to me to share with others. That’s what I’m trying to do with this blog, because after this life there is a better one and I hope to see all of you who read this there. I personally think that quick short 365 yearly devotionals are really inspiring because they’re a great way to help you start your day. Below is a list of scriptures that I personally find great ones to use for devotions and are encouraging and uplifting. Some I have found myself and others my friends have recommended.

-Hebrews 11-Faith

-Phillipians 1

-Romans 8-(for days you are feeling stressed)

-Revelation(the whole book for when you wonder about Heaven and/or the Rapture)

-John 14-(when you are facing doubt)

That’s just a few that I personally automatically go to. Everything in the Bible is there for you to learn from or to encourage you. Sometime just pray over the Bible and flip it open and God will take you to the page He wants to.

I pray you are all enjoying lovely spring weather.



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