Bittersweet moments. Bittersweet memories. Bittersweet life.

When I look back on all the memories I have with my friends in my relatively short lifespan I feel bittersweet. Switching from a private to a public school this past year was a big change for me and at the time I blamed God for it. I was unbelievably sad and now I see that He did it for a reason. He taught me a lesson. Now I see that He saw the future and chose this path for me for my own good. You see, I’m a bit of a shy person you could say if I’m meeting you for the first time or unacquainted with you. Alas, some of my friends may disagree but that’s because you could say I just need some time to warm up to the people around me. Going to a public school gave me a whole new retrospective on my life. It opened up my eyes to the real world in someways and though I miss my amazing friends dearly I still have them in my life.


Evoking certain memories usually proves to be a bittersweet experience. They make me sad and happy all at once. I guess you could say that at the moment that is my perspective on life right now. I see my life as bittersweet.

To sum up this short post I’m going to just list a few words/phrases that come to my mind when I think about my life.











These are just a few of the emotions/feelings that describe my life in my eyes.
But I do believe that this post’s title sums it all up best.

Bittersweet. (adj.) Sweet with a bitter aftertaste;

Then again in all honesty if you compare my life to others. If I take into consideration all that is pure truth. My life is ultimately BLESSED.


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