Tenativeness. A characteristic derived from the word tenative.

Tenative (adj.) Uncertain; Hesistant;

Do you know what I admire, or what I find attractive in people? I admire when people can carry themselves with a sense of confidence and yet have a tenativeness in them that doesn’t allow them to be arrogant. When Christians carry themselves this way I think it portrays us the way we should be and the way we would like to be.

First of all, we should have that confidence in ourselves and our Lord. Our Jesus is amazing and we’re here on earth to live for him. If we can exude that faithful confidence then that attracts people to wonder why we have that faith. Then of course we all know that Jesus is the answer.

I also believe that the tentativeness that lies there is admirable. Everyone doubts or is hesitant sometime or another. In fact, I have a friend who is very doubtful in himself. These people you just have to build up as much as possible. Not a cool characteristic you might say but tenativeness is not necessarily being doubtful, and with the right dosage of tenativeness it shines through. With tenativeness you can also show your humility and humbled self. It’s partly this uncertainty that saves you from being too arrogant and big-headed with your faith. Jesus says in the Bible that it’s better to be poor and humble then to be rich and arrogant. From your misled actions if you only believe in yourself and flaunt it lies a certain unattractiveness.

Do not read my words wrong and think that I’m saying that it’s bad to be self-confident or that you can’t show off. It’s extremely good to be confident in yourself. You just shouldn’t let everything go and make your head big. It’s just that, in my personal opinion anyways, a faithful confidence with a bit of tenativeness towards anything that could lead you astray for God’s path is admirable and attractive.

Just a couple of my thoughts.
Blessings to you this lovely weekend!
Summer is almost here!


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