Ramblings from Me and to You

Just a few of my own writing ramblings. You could call them inspirational eh? Well I hope you enjoy them. They were not only fun to write, but I do believe most of what I put down is true to some extent. I guess you could say this is the wisdom of a Christian teenage girl. :)

When the evil of this world throws everything at you and your life turns upside down, it all turns into chaotic disarray. My advice to you is this: replay the sweet memories. The past will remain the past no matter how hard you try to change it and the future is not yet in being. Savor each moment with your true companions because those friendships are beautiful and to be treasured. There is hurt and pain in this world everywhere you turn. Somedays it decides to just smack you in the face but I tell you to persevere onward. You don’t have to travel this journey of life by yourself and the author is always with you. Past mistakes are not what matter, but THIS moment is what matters. You have to live in the present and not for future or in the past. So pick up the pieces of your soul and weave a beautiful story. Your story, your life, your presence, live it loud and for your creator. This life is only temporary, the pain, the flashbacks, and the mistrusts may all be rubbed raw, yet hold on and come through the darkness. After the troubles of this life are gone what remains is something beautiful, something magical, something genuine, and purely and solely good and real. It will be the Truth.


God is good and this life is amazing and I can't even imagine what it will be like once this life is gone and the heavens replace it. :)


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