Quote of the Week

I’m aware that I’m one day late for my quote of the week and I’m so sorry… Finally school is almost out for me! I’m so excited! So tonight I was having a good chat with an old friend. It was somewhat spiritually related, and it was very meaningful. I love connecting to people on different levels. When put in different situations I tend to act according to the moment. Most of the time that happens to be my own shy exterior. As we were relating experiences and all that jazz I thought about something. I believe I said something in the likes of, “This world is overwhelming at times with drama, mistrust, and all that. Sometimes I just want to go cry in a corner.” I said that because its the absolute truth. Sometime or another we all want to get away, but Jesus can turn our life the opposite of upside down. I also struggle with doubt but when Satan’s playing with my mind Jesus still will win the battle eventually. I thought this quote would be fitting. Blessings to you this summer! May you find happiness in all the simple things and find the Truth in all your actions.



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