I can’t trust you–

They deceived me. I’m so disappointed and angry. We’re supposed to be close but you broke that trust. Written to the person who wronged me.

“You deceived me once.
Lied to my face.
I was mad.
I blew up at you.
You “apologized.”
No real meaning in the apology.
I somewhat forgave you.

You deceived me again.
Lied to my face.
I was angrier.
I blew up at you.
Others blew up at you.
You ignored us.
You were forced to “apologize.”
I forgave.
I thought you were done.

You deceived me a third time.
Didn’t lie but acted non-caring.
I was disappointed.
I held a grudge but didn’t blow up.
Others reprimanded you firmly.
I told you that you let me down.
I forgave.
I thought it was the last time for real.
It wasn’t.

You deceived me once more.
I was furious.
I silently blew up.
You lied to my face MULTIPLE times.
I proved that I was right.
That you had lied.
You were silent.
I waited and then told.
Something must be done.
You must stop.
Before it’s too late.
But it is to late for me and you.
I can’t trust you.”

Update as of 2014: I still cannot fully trust you. You’re going through that phase in your life, the “rebellious” one.
I call your name to ask you a question, once, twice, five times to receive no voice of acknowledgement in response. You’re one room over.

I hope you learn. I pray that I will forgive, and I pray that you will learn and live (for Him).


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