Thoughts on Creation

So what’s been on my mind lately is creation. As you may know from my earlier post that I’m trying to read several books of the Bible this summer and post an overview/reflection on each book. I’m almost done with Genesis at the moment and I’m partly through Matthew. (I’m reading the Old and the New testament simeltaneously.)

I guess that reading Genesis is what really sparked this fascination with Creation. When I take time out of my day to think that God made us, and everything in this world I’m awestruck. Just the intricacy in everything, big and small. The way he’s made us humans alone work is uncomprehendable. I am amazed by how He has made us to think, move, function, and all that. As well as how He has made our brains work to create man-made objects. I’ll never truly understand that. I thank God that He has given us this life and the opportunity to be Saved. He is a generous Lord and gives us more than what we deserve.

To me, I wonder what standpoint Atheists view the world at. How could this earth have just suddenly appeared? Or how could it have always been here? All of God’s creations on this earth are so complex and unique that there is no way we could have just evolved. I pray that someday I will be able to help show those who believe there is no Creator that created this earth, the truth.

Jesus is the truth.
God is the master Creator, Author, and Artist.
He is.

Have a wonderful day in God’s beautiful creation,
All praise to His name,



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