We are NOT too young…

12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. -1 Timothy 4:12

To all my fellow teens out there and even young adults. To anyone who struggles in a place where superiority is associated with age. I tell you the truth when I say, WE ARE NOT TOO YOUNG to make a difference. Take a look above at the verse from 1st Timothy. In the Bible it even says that we shouldn’t let anyone look down on us because we are young but that we should set an example for other Christians.

Some people may say that we can’t and won’t make a difference, but I tell you that no effort that goes toward a good cause is uncounted for in God’s eyes. We can make a difference.

My advice to you is this: if you want to show that you are not too young to make a difference then prove it to others in positive ways.

There are many different ways young Christians can spend their time meaningfully.

1. You could volunteer anywhere. Do some community service. Spread the love of Jesus around.

2. You could witness. Tell other’s your testimony. Inspire others and share the word of God. This you could do in various ways. For example I created this blog. Not only does it allow me to get my faith journey out there but it allows me to release my feelings into writing. For me, it’s a good escape route. There is no limit to the creative thinking that could generate ideas to witness.

3. Pray for others. I love to pray. I constantly am asking my friends if they’re in need of prayer. I love praying knowing that somehow and someway God will consider my request. This not only benefits others, but I find that you benefit yourself from talking to Jesus.

These are just three simple ideas. Ask a friend, a parent, a pastor or someone significant in your life and encouraging in your faith to pray for you. If you want to, and if you strive towards it, you can make a difference. And to all those older and wiser people out there reading this, bless you. This all applies to you too. If you are looked down upon in any way you still have that right to make a difference. Even if you aren’t looked down upon you have that opportunity to use your superiority or notability to spread Jesus’ word.

Bless you for reading all this,



2 thoughts on “We are NOT too young…

  1. phoenixsong412 June 14, 2013 / 2:26 am

    Not only do people “look down on us” because of youth, but we think that WE OURSELVES cannot make a difference. Not even necessarily because of age itself, but because of what goes with it–the lack of independence: independence to go where we please, independence to make our own decisions, independence to control our direction. I used to put off making a difference because I was in a Christian school– seems backwards, I know, but honestly, I knew not a soul who was t frequently and regularly exposed to the gospel. So where do I go? I neglected the importance of being the salt and light among other salt and light. But God changed me. And I hope that has changed those around me.
    God put you where you are for a purpose. You might not see that purpose till later, but I promise that through prayer He will ignite just as much as you need to see, with hearts on fire.
    He did for me.


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