Second Thoughts

There are days that I look back over my actions and have second thoughts. I regret things that I’ve done wrong and I wish that I hadn’t done them. I’m sure many of you do the like sometime or another.

Sometimes second thoughts are a blessing and other times they’re not the best. Second thoughts could mean that you’re doubting your confidence or others. They can mean that you might have done something you wish you hadn’t.

Other times second thoughts may mean that you stopped yourself in time before something hurtful happened to yourself or another individual. You might have been about to spout out something nasty but rethought your actions.

Like many things, having second thoughts can go along with having multiple postive or negative reactions.

An example of my own good second thoughts involves judging people, or rather, deciding not too. You see, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I absolutely despise when people judge others. It’s part of human nature though, and I admit that I do judge as well much to my disgust.
My example and advice is this: When seeing a person or meeting a person for the first time repeat this line to yourself: “God made them, He loves them, I’m no better than them, treat them well.”

It makes you look at all people with a new perspective. It also brings you some humility. Try it sometime maybe. :)

Those are my thoughts on second thoughts. :P

Continue living a life for Him!



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