Simplicity and Beauty

Honestly, it’s the simplicity and beauty in all things that attracts my attention. Some photographs are truly gorgeous. Obviously if they’re high quality, but also when they capture the beauty in everyday objects. I hope that one day I will be able to purchase a camera that will give me the ability to capture moments in their full glory. Here are a few photos below that I’ve found and thought I’d like to share with you. Things I find beautiful. Some are Jesus’ amazing creations and other’s are manmade objects that you might not think of in an attractive way necessarily. If you want to look at more pictures that I like just visit my tumblr page: . Or you can just click the page at the top of my blog labeled, “My Tumblr”. Enjoy!





ice cream


Just a few pictures I thought were pretty with a degree of simplicity. :) Okay, well not necessarily simplicity but more unique and creative I guess. They’re all pretty in their own way. :)

Again, more pictures/quotes on my tumblr:




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