A Matter of Perspective

At times, it’s astonishing how different things can look from different points of view. Or rather, it’s all about the perspective you’re coming from.

One example of perspective is the four books of the gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In the Bible all four of them account Jesus’ life story as they saw it, or from their own individual points of view. So you have four different stories coming from four different mouths. Though their stories are quite similar at some points, they are never exactly the same and at some points they are totally different.

If you have blurry vision, you can see the world around you so much clearer with glasses that correct your eyesight. Then you have two different visual perspectives of the world. In one it’s blurry and out of focus, and in the other it’s clear, sharp, and precise.


Life is confusing and all people mess up. People don’t understand each other and all they can see is differences in situations. It’s all their own perspective and way of looking at things. The truth is folks, if God wants it to work, it’ll work. It might be in some weird crazy messed up way, but I assure you, if God wants it to happen, it’ll happen. It doesn’t matter if others have their own perspectives of things. If everyone saw everything like how you saw it, this world would be a funny place. What if everyone was nonchalant? What if they just didn’t care because everybody agreed? I think that would make this world a kinda boring world.

I guess what I’m saying is: despite differences in how you view things and each other, cling to your friends and God.

Your perspective matters, I’m just saying that you should accept other’s as well. It doesn’t matter if one of you thinks the latest celebrity heartthrob is attractive and one of you doesn’t. You can learn things when you stop and listen from another’s perspective. Just because you view things differently doesn’t necessarily mean that one of you is right or wrong.

Then again you might think differently than me, but that’s natural. It’s all a matter of perspective.
Though I will remind you again that, God has the ultimate viewpoint and perspective. He sees things in every aspect possible. This means that He knows what is absolutely best for me and for you. Just keep that in mind.




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