Colors of Black and White

You’ve probably heard people wish life was black and white. They think it’d be simpler. Right would easily be discerned from wrong and everything would be easy.


Well, I don’t think so anyways.

The honest truth is this:
In my opinion, the colors of black and white have their own meanings, and I don’t believe that everything being spelled out easily is anything more then a stereotypical fact that is related to the phrase, “I wish life was black and white.” Those folks say that phrase usually conveying the underlying meaning of “I wish it was plain and simple. Straightforward and to the point.” I’m not talking racism here either folks, because being the teenager that I am, that’s what my mind jumped too. (I know right? You’re probably thinking, “These kids in the 21st century, back when I was your age …”)

So anyways, after that short-longish rambling about other people’s predicted meanings of black and white, I’m now going to list what the colors of black and white mean to me. Basically, what comes to mind when I think of the colors, and how I relate them to spiritual beings, character traits and qualities, etc.

Let’s start off with Black.

It’s dark. It’s the color of this very text. Usually referenced somewhere in relation to evil, darkness, or just bad in general. Therefore people may see black as the devil’s color, but God created the color so…I’ll leave that thought unsaid.
People say that black is death’s color as well. The color of sorrow, only sorrow is black mixed with hues of navy and gray.

Black is what’s present when there is nothing else. It’s fills the void when there is an absence of other color. I guess you could say that it’s just…there. Black can suck the color out of a room. It can block out the (white) light. You might think that this makes black simple so that it easily relates to the stereotypical meaning of the aforementioned phrase. It’s not.

As you can see many people just think simply, Black=Negative. But in reality it’s what I just said, and so, so much more. It’s not necessarily a cheery color but it’s indeed more then negative, in fact, it can be seen as positive too. That’s a story for a different time and maybe you’ll get lucky and hear it.

Now lets move on to White.

It’s the opposite of black, technically its the absence of all color, even black. It’s light, and it’s pure and good. It is thought to give off hope. For example, when death is approaching people say, “Look for the light at the end of the tunnel.” The white breaks through the void of darkness. It penetrates the black. It overcomes it. No one ever really says that the tunnel is black of course, but naturally, that is assumed.

In the Bible at times, God appeared as a great, white, (key word here: white) shining, and blinding light. Also angels are said to usually radiate white light. Therefore it’s naturally thought of as good.

In general white is often symbolic for good as black is symbolic for evil. It’s not necessarily symbolic for all things though or every time.
Again people think, White=Positive.
I repeat that, white is so, so much more than that.

I’ll leave you with those few thoughts of the colors of black and white. It’s quite confusing really. I’ll let you go back and read my words again and try and understand what you will of this post. Honestly, I’m not so sure what point I’m getting across.

Black and white are contrasting colors. This black text stands out against this white background. Does this mean that the text is evil and the background is good? Certainly not. Just because sometimes certain colors may have negative and positive connotations
does not mean that they always apply.

I guess what I’m saying is this. Don’t ask for life to be black and white, because in a way it already is black and white. There is both good and evil in this world and they both can swallow each other up. Ultimately there is God, and God will and does show us the rainbow, show us life at it’s fullest.
Someday He will overcome all the black and white in this world. For He is greater than both of the colors, the positive and the negative. He is the ultimate good.

To Him, black and white don’t matter.
We matter.
I guess what I’m kind of saying is that I’m choosing neither black or white.

I don’t want my life to be black and white.

I want my life to be colorful and full of the colors of the rainbow with Jesus in it.


I’ll leave you to your pondering. Did that prove to you that us teenagers think too? ;)

May the Lord be with you always,



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