Quote(s) of the Week

So I decided to tweak the quote of the week a tad bit this week. I hope that you don’t mind. All I’m doing this week is I decided to put multiple quotes therefore making it plural. ;) Tumblr is my go to site for quotes so I’ll be posting quite a few that I’ve discovered on there. You can visit my Tumblr by going to http:/www.inkyhorizon.tumblr.com or just clicking on the “My Tumblr” page up at the top of my blog.


This is extremely true to an extent. If you don’t know yourself really, how can you trust yourself to be wise enough to make decisions?


You can’t go trying to live the perfect world you have in your head. Life isn’t perfect. Accept that and move on because it’s for the greater good. Look to God and He will direct your life.


God said that love is above all else. I advise you friends, to do everything with love in your heart and in your mind.


It doesn’t matter what other people think. Just do what Christ tells you to do and it will turn out in the end.


With God all things are possible. Remember that.

Blessings this new week,



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