You can make an impact.

So many times we doubt ourselves. Everyone doubts themselves once in a while. I know I do, and I’m sure that you have before. Today I’m going to talk about making a difference in the lives of others. Mostly in the spiritual sense I guess? What I mean is, sharing Christ to others. Don’t say you can’t because you can. You can do it. You can share with others and there are numerous ways to share.

You don’t even have to go right up and witness to others. Just show them how you act differently because of your faith. Respect others, love others, be quick to forgive, and portray Jesus and other believers as righteous and caring. It’s as simple as that.

Some people have a bigger voice out there. They might be well-known in this world, a celebrity, a preacher, an internet kid. They may have a bigger voice out there, but that doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t matter. Your voice does matter. Either by word of mouth, through social media, through your own arts, performing arts, your creativity, or your actions you can have so much impact on others out there in this world.

For example I created this blog. I created this blog to get out my feelings, thoughts, and emotions about Christianity and my faith journey as a teenage girl, but I also created this blog to share with others. I pray that people will read this and get inspired by my doubts, my hopes, my fears, and my experiences as a Christian teenager in the 21st century. Over the course of about six months, I have gained around 45 blog followers, and my posts are also shared with my estimated group of 120 Twitter and Tumblr followers. That doesn’t even include people I know. I chose not to share this blog with people that I am closely acquainted to yet for my own reasons. I think that I want to share with others that I don’t know first. I don’t know if this completely makes sense, but it helps a little that not many people I know are going to approach me about my blog. You could say that I share my own private/personal thoughts on Christianity on here.

I encourage you strongly to start your own blog, social media account, create things in God’s glory, I don’t know…just somehow get your voice and thoughts out there to let people know about God. I like to believe that through this blog I’m inspiring people and I pray that I am.

Pray about it, and if you’d like me to pray about it as well I’d love too. Just drop me a comment on this post. :) Or go to my ‘Contact Me’ page and get in touch.

You can make an impact.




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