Tranquility & Prayer

Ever have those days when you’re randomly stressed, grumpy, tired, and in a negative mood for no good explainable reason? Yeah, I’ve had those days too.

Some people deal with those days by just curling up in a ball and avoiding everybody. I have a different solution for you. Pray.

Prayer does some crazy, awesome, wonderful things. I’ve prayed before for so many things. For my unneeded desires, my anxieties, others anxieties, for healing, faith journeys, friendships, relationships, and so, so much more. Among all the prayers I have ever prayed,  a prayer for peace and tranquility has appeared quite a few times.

Someday when you’re feeling stressed, pray to God and relax. Usually I feel peace about a couple minutes later. It’s so amazing how God can relieve us just like that.

It’s liberating in a sense…if that makes any sense to you.;)

All problems, no matter how big or small can be solved by prayer. Our God is amazing and hears our prayers and always fulfills them, though sometimes they are fulfilled in unexpected ways.

The next day that you’re stressed, just pray for peace. I can’t promise you that peace and tranquility will come to you right there and then, but I promise that God will hear you and choose to do for you what is best.

Counting my blessings,



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