So right now I’m overwhelmed. With the world, life, school, sports, friendships, the stereotypical drama of it all.

Any and all prayers are hugely appreciated. School and sports just take up so much time!

I need to set aside some time to reflect on here, read my Bible, pray, and spend some time with God.

Sadly, most of my good friends attend other schools than I do. I’m in the awkward stage of making new friends this year in high school, because I don’t have classes with many of my friends from last year. It’s a bit stressful, especially seeing as I’m a bit introverted and shy. If you could pray for me to build more strong Christian friendships that would be great.

Thankfully this weekend I had the comfort of spending time with some of my best friends, which cheered me up a bit.

Public school life… It’s the people that I miss most from my private school. Seeing as in my short lifespan I’ve been homeschooled, gone to a private school, and am currently attending a public school, I think you could say that I’ve been exposed to a diversity of learning environments.

The thing with sports is, combined with school, they take up all the time I have.

I was ever so thankful for this long weekend break. By the way, Happy Labor Day everyone!

So right now the word that sums up my current life state is: overwhelmed.

I’m under quite a lot of stress at the moment, but I can’t help but stop and think how blessed I am to be where I am now. There are so many less fortunate people out there that would love to have the opportunities that I have now.

Always remember that.

As far as prayers go, I really need to strengthen my prayer life. So, please drop a prayer request in my comments or contact me in some other way.

Here we go to week 2.

I’ll hopefully update you of my current standpoint this coming weekend.

So during the school year my posts may not be quite as philosophical, but I’ll stick some in here whenever I feel a question that I’m itching to be address.

Blessings as you enter fall and the school year, or whatever this month of September may bring.

A verse that helps me as I’m overwhelmed is this:




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