Although you don’t want to be vain, having confidence in yourself is incredibly important. Self-depreciating yourself doesn’t make you look or sound better,  but it makes people pity you. Although related to each other, confidence and self-esteem are not the exact same thing.

The dictionary definition for confidence is:

CONFIDENCE : full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.

There’s all different kinds of confidence.

Arrogant, cocky, and bragging confidence .

Confidence that is stepping out of your comfort zone and doing what must be done. Bravery is another word for it.

Believing in yourself is usually the most commonly used reference for confidence. Self-esteem.

God made us so that our mentality controls so much of how well we perform in this world. If we believe we can do something within reason, then we can do it. If we don’t have that confidence however, we can get into the mindset that failure is an option.

Confidence also is picking yourself up from a failure, learning from it, and trying again. Even if you fail numerous times it still usually is confidence that plays a part in helping push you through.

Think about it. Confidence. It speaks in volumes. God speaks through confidence in volumes. Confidence really is a choice in some matters. A choice.

Confidence. You can step out there and speak up and be heard. I believe in you, and God does too. Have confidence.

Praying for confidence as I write this,



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