Confidence in Him

Throwback to my confidence post. Confidence. I am in need of confidence. One thing I’ve discovered about myself is that I give advice to others, but don’t necessarily always follow my own. I need to take a stand, speak out, have a streak of confidence, and initiate conversation. I need to do this with people my age, the upperclassmen, and just people of all types. I’m a shy person at school, it’s just my automatic nature. At home I’m loud, I’m comfortable, and in my own time. I fear being judged, but I know that if I simply initiate conversation and get judged, THEY ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME.
Pray for me to have confidence in Him that He will help me be confident. I’m confident that He loves me, therefore He will give me the guts to initiate conversations and build friendships. He cares. I pray that I will want to want Him. I have a longing for Jesus in my heart, but I just need to kindle it. All of your prayers are immensely appreciated, and on that note, do you have any prayer requests? Drop them in the comments or use my contact links page. For the past couple months confidence has been a huge issue I’ve tried to work on and will continue to work on for at least the rest of the year. I cannot thank you guys enough for constant support on my blog. It brings relief that others care and can relate after reading what’s been on my heart and mind. Speak out with confidence my friends. It’s what I am only now learning and attempting to do. We’re far from perfect as Christians, and not everything’s easy. I find the picture below super comforting and so true.




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