As I reflect back on the past couple weeks, I’m sad to admit how confused, and a mess they were. I’ve wasted my time, focused on unimportant things, and let my God relationship slack.

I know that I need to love and live for Him. But the thing is, knowing doesn’t make a difference, speaking out and acting makes a difference. I’ve been saying how I need confidence, and surely Jesus does give me confidence. I have to take the initiative though, go forward and put myself out there. I need to allow the opportunities to be put into action.

I believe I’ve said this before, but I give good advice that I don’t even follow myself. I pray you’ll at least consider it, and I’ll put it into action. Saying you’ll do something doesn’t do anything. As a high school student, I understand that I’m going through lows and highs. Right now my life is a time of growing and learning. I need to not be afraid to make mistakes, because making mistakes is how we learn.

Jesus has given me a perfectly abled body, a gifted brain, a unique personality, and a relationship with Him. Not only should I be utilizing the blessings He’s given me, but I should be thankful.

There are people living on street corners, brilliant individuals with no chance to go to school, children starving, and so much more to worry about. Just because money’s a bit tight, and people annoy me and get on my nerves doesn’t give me an excuse to slack and waste my time.

Time. Oh where to start. Time is a precious thing. At least, time on this earth is a precious thing.

Jesus has given me the time, actually, us the time of life on this earth so that we may have the opportunity to share His gift to us.

I’ve been so preoccupied lately with things that don’t matter as much.

I’ve fretted about my friendships, when I have perfectly amazing friends right in front of me. Sure, I’m not the most popular person. Sure, I don’t have the most friends ever, but I amblessed with some amazing ones.

The whole deal with confidence I’ve relayed to you several times over again.
Yes, I could use more, but I have so many opportunities that I didn’t take. In the few that I did, I realized that.

Putting yourself out there and not caring what other people think is so incredibly important in your life as a Christian. Yes, we can be taunted and made fun of. But is it worth the insults in the end? Yes.

If other individuals and peers insult you for doing what’s right, ignore them.
You are the worthy.
God is looking down at you, swelling with pride, and is with you every single step of the way.

We forget this. I forget this.
There are many days when I have and still do not pray, and thank God for blessing me with what He has.

It’s time for me to refocus. To keep my eye on the prize. To love and live my life for Him.

Love. It’s just a four letter word. A word with so much importance.

Love, my friends. Love your life, love others, love yourself, and love God.
That love can inspire you, encourage you, and drive you.

Set aside what you consider important, and realize what actually is. What you consider important now, could be what actually is. However, the chances are, you put God on the back burner.

Re-evaluate your values. Rethink how you want to live your life for Him, and let go of your worries. Pray, have peace, and just refocus on living for Him.

When you refocus your life on Jesus, it makes a world of a difference. Not only does it set you on the right path, but you learn and benefit as well.

All your previous worries will become that much unimportant, and I pray that you’ll discover that living your life for Him, and accomplishing what He wants you to, goes hand in hand.

This is my prayer for myself. It’s how I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m determined to leave behind what everyone thinks of me, and just make sure that I’m following and focusing on Jesus, and what He wants me to do.

Where God wants there to be a way, there will be. What we can do is grasp that opportunity God gives us, refocus, love and live our lives for Him to the best of our abilities.

Praying with love,


2 thoughts on “Refocusing

  1. kaitischaff24 November 5, 2013 / 6:55 pm

    This is JUST what I needed….I’ve been kinda distant from God for a month or two now, and I am just now coming back to spending time daily, being always aware of His presence, etc. Thank you SO much for your honesty and wisdom!!! :)


    • faythmartin19 November 5, 2013 / 7:56 pm

      Thanks. :) That’s always encouraging to hear. Hope you’ll continue your journey onward!


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