Merry Christmas.

Christmas is finally here. The long awaited holiday. Take a moment to realize the reason why Christmas started. I sorrowfully admit that I get caught up with the gifts hype and too often don’t recognize the reason why Christmas is celebrated. The fact that Jesus came to Earth as a human baby and grew up and died for us is so incredible. I am so blessed. We are so blessed. I just want to thank you all for your support with this blog. Even though I haven’t been the most constant blogger, I’m surprised that I haven’t taken any huge breaks between posting. I’ve also gained a nice small number of followers and that means a lot. It just means a lot that you read what I have to say, and I love to hear your comments on my thoughts. It’s almost been a year now that I’ve had this blog, and I’m thankful for all that has happened. Ups and the downs have occurred, but I wouldn’t change any of them. I haven’t been the most festive this holiday season, but I’d love to wish you the best Christmas. Jesus’ birth is more than enough reason to celebrate this day of the year. It comes only once every 365 and a quarter days. Love, and bask in God’s love for us tomorrow. I am so, so blessed. Christmas signifies the beginning of the most important happening in my life. Jesus and His walk on earth to save us all. I pray that you’re having a wonderful holiday and, if I don’t post before then, may you ring in the new year with love, joy, and peace in Christ.



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