The Value of Understanding What Matters

Honestly, barely anything can ever go right if you don’t understand what is worth understanding.

What I’ve come to realize and need to put into action is the fact that the majority of the time the little worldly things that frustrate me don’t even deserve my time. They certainly don’t deserve my effort of complaining/exclaiming over the exasperating pests. There is so little value, as in 0, in getting bothered over meaningless understandings, or “realizations”.

One thing that I struggle with is prioritizing what matters. Sometimes I value overcoming little obstacles in my life more than what I really should focus on, which is living to the best of my ability for Jesus.

I’m not exactly sure how to put this into words, but say that you might
understand that people don’t necessarily like you for some reason. Since self-acceptance is a big issue that many people face, teenagers especially, if faced with that aforementioned understanding you might go about changing yourself to make the reason for dislike invalid.

The understanding of this exemplified common situation is beyond unimportant. In fact, I would barely even consider it an understanding worth noticing. When put in situations like this we need to come to understand that Jesus loves us the way we are. If you are doing nothing truly wrong, and someone dislikes you because of jealousy etc. I advise you to let it go. That is the disliker’s unwanted opinion that they need to go about changing for themselves.

In this situation, that is the valued understanding. It is important to understand what really matters, which ultimately is, in my opinion however, how Jesus wants you to act and live for Him.

On an ending note, it’s just as important to understand what doesn’t matter as it is to understand what does.

Ponder that.




One thought on “The Value of Understanding What Matters

  1. ropheka February 15, 2014 / 12:34 am

    I always sya not my will but Thy will be done my love. Show me here you want me to go and what You want me to do. And then obey. I have found trying to please everybody is a losing affair. It is good to have good Christian councillers

    God bless you with showing you His priorities in life


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