Welcome to the Real World

It’s been too long. I haven’t written a real content post in what seems forever. So, never fear, I’m back again.

These past days have dragged on and on, yet, when I look back on them they’ve passed in a blur. It’s almost halfway through March already?!

The truth is that I’ve been fairly busy, and I revel in the free time that I do have.

Recently I sat back and contemplated what I have learned about the real world. I rarely think about it, but every little barely perceptible action that I perform and scrap of knowledge that I take in is stored in my brain. Racking through the files of my mind I have realized that there is so much I’ve unintentionally learned through everyday life. Many lessons are learned in the obviously hard things, but just as many are learned in the forgotten minuscule details.

Sometimes I voice things that are better left unsaid. It might just be a seemingly harmless phrase with a slight hurtful or criticizing tone.

These little things I regret immediately. I fret about them over and over again. I, as a daughter of the King, need to carefully watch and filter my thoughts and speech.

I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of seemingly harmless criticism, and it hurts.

It’s little mistakes we can learn from, if we are willing.
We need to wake up from our stupor of insensitivity, and a very crucial step in doing that is admitting our mistakes and going about correcting them.

Perhaps one of the most obvious eye-openers and clear comings into the real world is, for example, changing from a Christian to a public school.
I learned so, so much during my changeover, not only about others, but about myself as well.

My insecurities were more clear. I realized that what I before considered say “arrogance” etc. was actually “normal” behavior. There was so much more hurt and pain straight in my face.
My understanding of people grew, and my respect and love for God became that much more valuable to me, because I knew that I was, and am, blessed.

The title of this post is perhaps ironic, because this is the real world. Everywhere and everyone is “the real world”, and so many more people have been exposed to much more of this world than me.

As I continue to grow in age, faith, and wisdom I realize and understand more and more of this complex thing called life. Life is full of pain, suffering, anguish, undeserved hurt, happiness, joy, and blessings.

Jesus made this world beautiful, and I can only hope to live out my life wonderfully for Him. Observe, learn, and grow through all the eye-openers, mistakes, and situations that God puts you through. He’s made the world the way it is for a reason, and we just need to embrace that.

Be aware of your thoughts, mouth, heart, and actions as you go through life’s earthly hills and valleys. Be cautious, never stop learning from your experiences, and love God unconditionally.

Welcome to the real world that we live in. Pray, grow, prosper, and enjoy your stay.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Real World

  1. Kaiti Schaffner March 12, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    Love this, you write well! :)


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