In the Now

There are days, like today, when I look at my life and reflect. Realization dawns on me about how right now, in the now, I am blessed.

God has taken immaculate care of me in that way of His, and I have barely taken the time to thank Him for what I do have. More often than not I focus on what I don’t have and what I can fix about myself and my actions. What I need to start doing is focusing on the good that’s happening in the now. How can I bless others with the advantages I have today? How has God blessed me right now? What good things has God enabled me to do this week?

For example, recently I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to build good friendships with girls on my volleyball team. Now that the club season is almost over I find myself sad because I will miss my friends, and I have no guarantee of seeing them next year. They have been an absolute blessing to me. Their antics and lovely qualities make me smile, and God knew of His blessing to me when He had our lives cross paths. God has blessed me with these people in my life, as well as others, but I have been too busy focusing on building up other friendships at school, etc. I now am determined to love them as friends should even more, and I thank God for bringing them into my life.

So often I brush aside occurrences and “lucky” happenings in my life, and I take them for granted. God has opened up my eyes, and now my prayer is to live, breathe, and praise Him in the now.

As Easter approaches I also realize how incredibly blessed I am to know Jesus as my Savior. God died for me on a cross, and I have received an amazing gift because of my exposure to His word and the Christians in my life. I can only pray that I can help bless more people with knowledge to receive the same gift of redemption. Every day is a new opportunity, and every moment shouldn’t be wasted.

I journey into tomorrow with a fresh outlook on the day, Jesus by my side, and a will to live and love my best for Him in the now.



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