Start Anew

Wow, another month has sped by and I feel like I’ve barely blinked my eyes. My birthday is right around the corner and school is just a little over a month to being over. Spring has come and swept the earth with green and flowers, and April is certainly ending with a lot of showers. ;)

This start of a new month signifies another 30, er..31 days. This month my challenge for myself is to step away from some of my social media that doesn’t bring fruit to my life.

Supposedly, 30 days is the amount of time it takes to make a habit stick. I do believe that I have a previous post about 30 day challenges and a Ted talk that you’ll get redirected to if you click here.

Another goal, or no, not goal, expectation I have for myself is reading scripture every single one of those 30 days. I feel like I often neglect God’s Word and don’t take the time to even read and reap the benefits his wisdom lets us receive.

April was a month of ups and downs, basically your typical cycle of everyday teenage life. I pray that May holds good things in store for me, and that God will guide me through the trials and opportunities that present themselves.

Wipe your slate clean from yesterday, that was last month. Enter this new month with a fresh smile and an open heart. Start anew.


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