A Conflicted Type of Chaos

Funny story, I just typed up this whole post in about 20 minutes and it was extremely long.

I went to publish it and….wait for it…IT WAS GONE.

I managed to salvage the very beginning from my tumblr:

“Ah, chaos. My life is currently full to the brim with chaos, not necessarily your typical busy day whirlwind chaos, but…mental chaos?
For starters, I guess my first chaotic conflict is I’m somewhat insecure. I care too much about what other people think, I fret over social media, and I really feel the urge to delete some of the media I have acquired. At the same time, I’m scared too and so I…”

However, I have decided that it disappeared for a reason. After writing out my thoughts and emotions about caring too much, focusing on the insignificant, and trying to be another person I’ve realized that it’s about time I tried to forget for once.

I’m ready to live, love, and respect all people equally through Christ, and let that lead my life.

Praying, ready, and eager to set this mental chaos loose and usher in the calm.


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