It’s finally here. The long awaited season I have pined for is finally happening. Today is the first Monday at home this summer, and it was a lovely feeling to not have to roll out of bed at 6:00 A.M.

However, summer gives me eons of time. Time to relax, have fun spending time with friends, and thinking about the vast opportunities and options God has given me in this life. I ponder educational options, daydream about vacations, spend time volunteering, and earning a few bucks with several odd jobs.

Also, the friendship anxiety can be stressed in the summer. You have more time to think, you try to arrange get togethers, the whole skedaddle. Sometimes my insecurities act up, and I panic. I am praying that this summer I can just safely put my friendships in God’s hands and dwell on peace. That’s a much needed prayer request. Thanks to all who think of me, because, there’s so much better stuff to pray about then my silly worries.

A peaceful summer, wouldn’t that be lovely? Admittedly, the highlight of my summer is pretty much always going to the beach. I don’t know why exactly, but I love the beach. The sand underneath my feet, but mostly the ocean. The salty water, the waves, the laughs and joy and fun with friends at the coast. I love it all. It’s one of the best parts of God’s creation in my opinion. I revel in it. Those days are when my happiness is at the tippy top of the mountain. Still, there’s a matter of enjoying all my summer moments, not just the best ones. For example, I don’t even know if I’m going to really get to the beach this year, that is, besides one semi-planned day. Also, that’s at the end of my summer.

Now, I can’t really wait all summer just for one joy-filled day at the end, can I? Well, I could, but where’s the fun it that? Summer’s about enjoying life to the full, and, as my elders have told me, you don’t stay young forever.

Time flies. It literally flies. I blink and six months of 2014 are already past. It’s already halfway through June for goodness sake! This past school year brushed by me in seemingly a few mere minutes.

I’m ready to spend this summer a bit differently than my past ones. Seeing as I’m now older and more mature, I hope to live a little and try and seek out what God has in store for me. I’m still finding out who I am, and I’m praying that it will be a time to develop my relationship wit h God a bit more.

He is good, and I am grateful. Looking to scatter the anxiety and depression, and create a whole new outlook on everyday life. I hope to spend more time in Scripture as well.




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