What A Wonderful World

God truly is too amazing. Every day, every moment, every breath I take is a gift from this unbelievably amazing God.

We, as humans, don’t take enough time to truly realize and marvel at the wonderful world God has placed us in. I know that I, as well as many of you, often am pressed for time. I want to accomplish things, I want that self-satisfaction that comes with getting a lot done, but it doesn’t matter.

God doesn’t care what we accomplish, He cares that we take the time to live and love for Him. He wants us to listen to Him, immerse ourselves in His words, and just take time for Him. He is the almighty creator, and He is not pressed for time. He doesn’t want us to be pressed for time, He doesn’t care how much or how little we get checked off our to-do list, He just IS. He wants us to have peace, and He wants us to appreciate life and spread His love.

Stress is entirely human-created. It’s completely unneeded, and we bring it onto ourselves. We have no reason to be stressed whether it be by our financial situation, our friendships, our everyday life, you name it. God takes care of us. He has us in His hands, and nothing will happen to us that God doesn’t have a reason for.

Take some time, forget about your pressing task list, and appreciate His creation. Appreciate that we don’t need to accomplish anything, and He still loves us.

Appreciate that, it doesn’t matter. That God doesn’t care if we or whoever else thinks we’re a success or a failure even after we try so hard. He loves us all the same. He loves us just as much.

If I’m being bluntly honest, often, the things that “matter” to us don’t matter to Jesus at all. Human accomplishments and material things don’t make anyone else better than others in the eyes of God.

He protects, He loves, and He is merciful.

What a wonderful world.



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