I opened up my Bible and read tonight. I started at Genesis again. I still have not read the entire Bible yet, but that is subject to change very soon.

God is amazing, and I believe, but still I pray to overcome my unbelief. I pray that someday I will show God’s love in my actions, that I will share His kindness in my words, and just reflect Christ in my life.

I’m on a long winding journey to finding out more about what being a Christian actually means, and how awesome and amazing He is.

My faith is still small, and my heart sometimes wanders but it is my greatest desire to further understand my faith and love Jesus all the more.

He is faithful, and He is love. I am ever so grateful.

I pray that I will prioritize my faith in day to day life, and it’s my goal to strive towards Him through all things.

I hope that somehow I will be able to find a bible study or youth group at a church to just immerse myself in Him, and others with like mindsets.

I have no clue what Jesus wants for me, or what He has in store for me. I also pray that I will be able to grow my faith in my heart and my mind.

He gives me strength, and I am saved. I must never forget that.

I am loved. To growing wiser in my faith, and dedicating my entire life to Him–



2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. vesselsministry June 22, 2014 / 10:32 pm

    It is such a blessing that God has you at such a tender age ~ keep your eye on the prize and your life will be so richly blessed ~


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