Frustration and Experience

Frustrated and exhausted are two words that accurately sum up how I feel right now. School and sports are now in full swing and I’m feeling the stress press on me, but mostly for volleyball.

I’m a rather temperamental person, and easily get mad when I do poorly. Since my sport consists majorly of mental strength and belief in myself and my teammates I need a more positive outlook.

It’s crucial to be an encourager and shake off every mistake on the court. If you don’t do well the one play then you tell yourself that you’ll do well the next.

What bugs me to no end is the fact that I know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not really taking the steps necessary to fix my mistakes. I need to speak up. I will speak up.

I will be an encourager and spread His light around in school and on the court.

I am so blessed to have the ability to even be active and play a sport, and therefore I want to play my heart out for HIM. To Him be the glory. He is my strength.

I need to believe in myself and trust my teammates because then I will make that serve or pass.

Giving up and staying frustrated is not the answer, I know this from experience. Every experience I have on and off the court shapes the person I am, the player I am, and affects the people around me.

I will cover.
I will call for help.
I will encourage.
I will step up and be a leader.
I will talk.
I will make this serve.
I will make this pass.

Experience has taught me a lot, and the experiences that God gives me every day continue to help me to learn.

I have no need to be frustrated. God will teach me and God is with me always. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. That’s another thing, I really want to be constantly aware that God is with me all the time. He should be in the forefront of my mind before I talk or play or wander.

This is my prayer – to be patient, learn from experience, apply what I know needs to be changed, and to just constantly live and love and play with God in mind.

Please pray for me, it’s much appreciated. Everyone needs prayer, even Paul asked for prayers.

My skill sets fluctuate a lot from season to season, but I know that I am capable of doing anything through Christ Jesus.

Hoping for a positive outlook and just a fun experience my next game this Thursday!

To looking past frustrations and applying learned wisdom —


One thought on “Frustration and Experience

  1. vesselsministry September 10, 2014 / 12:18 pm

    There is wisdom in the insight you share ~ prayers for you that Christ will continue to work in you, through you, as you. (Galatians 2:20) ~ Amen :Y


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