Praying that I can live independently with God to lean on – to be my own person, make my own decisions, and just decide how I want to live for Him. I guess I just really want to branch out and find out who I am. I need to find out who I am in Christ.

My faith needs some more attention, and it’s about time that God took center stage in my life, because He gave me this life.

I need to stop relying on people and to start relying on Jesus.

Please pray with me as I go about this spiritual venture.

It’s time to start fresh. It’s time to start new. It’s time to continue this transformation.

God has me. I am His. He is my God, the Creator of the Universe.

Please excuse my absence if I miss some quotes of the week or anything.

I need time to refocus on what really matters.

Bless all of you,



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