Verse of the Week

So I’ve recently made time for daily Scripture readings again. After sorting through my priorities, I finally found that a regular intake of God’s Word is so inspiring and helpful for me in my daily Christian life.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I decided to start with Job. What a man Job was! I can barely even imagine having so much taken away from me for seemingly no valid reason and managing not to curse or blame God. One day I hope to be like Job, wholeheartedly unwavering and loyal in my faith.

This verse especially stood out to me in Job the other day:

We all face trials, and I currently am a little bit lost and confused, but who are we to accept good and not trouble from our Lord?

Although we know God has already won the battle, earth is still full of evil that we will encounter.

Place your trust in God and prevail through the hard times, because love does win out in the end.




One thought on “Verse of the Week

  1. vesselsministry December 4, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    The Book of Job has much to teach us. In addition to the famous lessons of the “patience of Job”, it was delightful to see God’s Sovereignty, and the message to get out of ourselves and pray for our friends first. It was delightful to see how God restored Job after he prayed for His friends. Job displayed his self-righteousness and God His Sovereignty. Love the many facets God shows us in Job. Thank you for sharing and how fortunate you are to learn from God in His Book of Job ~ Amen :Y


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