Wake Up and Smell the Roses

As of late, I’ve been tired. The former result has constituted from a mixture of different stress in my life: emotional, mental, physical, and social. I’m drained, its as simple as that.

In actuality, the fact that I haven’t been completely staying aware of the status of different aspects of my health, has slapped me in the face (with Health class, naturally). In addition to all the channels of health I just mentioned, there also is the matter of spiritual ‘health’, if you will.

We’re just about at the start of the second month (of the year), which is unthinkable. A twelfth of 2015 is already in the past. The new semester has just started, which means entirely new classes, new people to get acquainted with, and a different workload for every night. Prayers, for school and managing my time wisely, are appreciated!

In accordance with both physical and mental health, I’ve recently made the decision to try and return to a routinely sleep schedule, like the one I had in 8th grade. I went to bed at 9:30, and woke up fresh. However, due to my schoolwork and other priorities these days, 10:30 is a more realistic goal. I do wish that humans didn’t need to run on sleep sometimes, but sleep is incredibly healing.

As for my spiritual ‘health’? I need to put God first everyday. In the morning is the ideal time to read the Bible and mediate, but I often find myself pushing that off until the evening. This results in not really soaking up the message and applying it to my day. Also, prayers before meals are something I’d like to start doing again. I do pray, but lately my family and I have just ‘forgotten’ to pray at meals. I’ve missed this and come to the conclusion that even a few seconds of words of thanks, praise, or struggles counts. Prayer, although confusing, is a very rewarding way of connecting to our King.

To finish out, my goal for social health is to nurture my existing friendships, and to give a true effort to be amiable to everyone. I haven’t spent quality time with my good friends in a while, and I do believe that it shows. I love spending time with my friends, and I draw inspiration and companionship from them. Additionally, connecting to my friends on a spiritual level, by discussing faith or prayers, often draws me closer to them. Subsequently, it can also draw us both closer to God.

Admittedly, my general health is not in a very strong state at the moment, not unlike my immune system at the time (I have a cold, and it’s not going away). However, this post is my wake-up call.

Avoiding maintaining good health only serves to bring exhaustion, and it’s about time I woke up and smelled the roses.

Blessings —

D. Fayth


2 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell the Roses

  1. princessarchitect January 30, 2015 / 10:16 pm

    Physical and spiritual are related -that’s what makes us! I know how you feel – take a look at my work hard post from a couple days ago. Take care of your whole self!


  2. stacie February 27, 2015 / 5:01 am

    Be careful what you stake claim to in words, receive healing and don’t offset the process by accepting what has no right to you, God wants us to prosper and be in GOOD HEALTH even as our soul prospers !!!


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