Quote of the Week

My own quote and my own goal. Praying that God will help me with this.

“Care more about what Jesus thinks and less, if at all, what people think.


2014/Reflection on 2013

2014.  It’s another year, a new beginning, a start, a change, a blessing, a lesson, a journey, a mountain, a climb, and a simple number.  A two, zero, one, four. A new year to prosper, to flourish, blossom, conquer, and praise Him.

We always seem to tell the new year to be good to us, but how can it be? Jesus is the one who controls and oversees our lives. He makes our lives to shape our beings, and He carries us through the ups and downs for His own reasons.

Seeing as we’re in the last stretch of 2013, I’m feeling rather reflective on this year at the moment. So, so much has changed. Maybe it’s just because now, I’m still a child, but ever so much more understanding, mature, and growing.

2013 has been a huge growth year for me. I’ve established my best friends, good friends, and just several friendships that have grown to mean worlds to me. Jesus has  been good to me. As He always is, regardless of my clouded vision.

Not only in friendship, but in faith, in virtues, in wisdom, thoughts, and actions I’ve grown.

I see my childish actions from  before, and sometimes, I wonder how I used to be that, but now I’m so different.  Adults always tell me that life passes in a blink, and that you grow up before you know it.

It’s one of those sayings you grow used to and tired of hearing the older people in your life say. There’s so much truth to it though. I am simply a teen, and I don’t even begin to try to comprehend what adults mean by this, but I do understand. I understand how people can change, friendships can change, life can change, I can change, and all in an instant. If I revealed my age to you, I believe you’d be rather shocked. At the fact that I’m as old as I am, and I guess I seem older through my musings and reflections.

There are days during a year that pass by seemingly dutifully slow, and there are days that you’re having so much fun that they whiz past you in a blur. All of those days make up your life, help shape who you are, and add to your life knowledge. They teach you what is right and what is wrong, if you can even define that.

I’ve learned that complaining doesn’t help, or at least, most of the time it doesn’t. I’ve learned that doing the things that scare you the most, or that you dread, turn out to be the beginning of something great. I get scared easily, of what others think, of how I’ll look to others, and I do have an insecure feeling about how others view me.

It’s a horrible feeling, anxiety that is. I’ve learned that you need to put that behind you. Don’t be scared of what others think. Pursue whatever you want, within Godly standards, and if others judge you, they’re not worth thinking about.

This isn’t be any means easy. I’m still learning as it is, and I’m struggling with the aforementioned concept and conquering my fear, but I’m taking baby steps. Jesus is with me, and you, every step of the way.

My faith journey has fluctuated so much throughout the year of 2013. It has gone from strong, to tentative, to somewhere in-between. Admittedly, at the moment it’s in that middle space, but I pray that Jesus will set me on the path to strong again.

Recently, a friend gave me a tip, she said something vaguely along the lines of, “Don’t be worried about it, you can do it. Think about it this way, you can’t do anything, but God, yeah, He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So just do it.”

As far as friendships go, I don’t necessarily have all my closest friends at my high school, but I have wonderfully Godly best friends that all live in the vicinity somewhat near me.  I am very blessed to have wonderful guys and girls as my closest friends, and enjoy every second of my time spent with them. I feel like I rely on my friends so much, for prayer and everything, and they are a huge blessing. It’s awesome to have friends of both genders. Having input and advice from both perspectives is immensely helpful and meaningful. At the beginning of 2013 I would’ve just said they’re good friends, but now I can say they’re my best.

I started this blog in 2013, and it’s helped me reflect on my faith journey, address my issues, doubts, praises, and just Christianity as a whole. I’d like to thank you, as readers, for just reading my musings and ups and downs. It just means a lot, that someone out there is reading what I’m writing, that someone cares, and that someone relates to me. I appreciate any and every comment people make. Please, comment and tell me what you think! Or prayer requests and anything like that is welcome!

All in all 2013 was a good year. A lovely one. Albeit, A rough one at times, and many lessons were learnt, but that was all for the greater good. God blessed me this past year, and I wouldn’t change anything, even though I do have my regrets.  It has left me with many memories that will linger.

Praying that you ring in the new year with love, joy, peace, and hope. 2014 shall be a good year, I have faith in Jesus.

Wishing you the best ending to 2013, and joy in the coming year. Make it count. Work with Jesus, and make it something to be proud of and to reflect on. Cut bad habits, start new journeys, climb bigger mountains, and be constant in prayer and praising Him.



Merry Christmas.

Christmas is finally here. The long awaited holiday. Take a moment to realize the reason why Christmas started. I sorrowfully admit that I get caught up with the gifts hype and too often don’t recognize the reason why Christmas is celebrated. The fact that Jesus came to Earth as a human baby and grew up and died for us is so incredible. I am so blessed. We are so blessed. I just want to thank you all for your support with this blog. Even though I haven’t been the most constant blogger, I’m surprised that I haven’t taken any huge breaks between posting. I’ve also gained a nice small number of followers and that means a lot. It just means a lot that you read what I have to say, and I love to hear your comments on my thoughts. It’s almost been a year now that I’ve had this blog, and I’m thankful for all that has happened. Ups and the downs have occurred, but I wouldn’t change any of them. I haven’t been the most festive this holiday season, but I’d love to wish you the best Christmas. Jesus’ birth is more than enough reason to celebrate this day of the year. It comes only once every 365 and a quarter days. Love, and bask in God’s love for us tomorrow. I am so, so blessed. Christmas signifies the beginning of the most important happening in my life. Jesus and His walk on earth to save us all. I pray that you’re having a wonderful holiday and, if I don’t post before then, may you ring in the new year with love, joy, and peace in Christ.


Quote of the Week

God continually places hope in your life either to fulfill it and your excitement, or to dash it and teach you. Learn from it, and be thankful and praise His name when it is fulfilled.



A (Christian) Martyr – a person who is killed because of their religion or other beliefs. (in this case Christianity)

Martyrs. Wow. Where to start. I have an incredible huge respect for them. They had a faith so strong, and they loved God so much that they had and/or allowed terrible things to happen to them which resulted in persecution.

Dying for Jesus. Would I be that brave? I only hope I would be, and I pray that someday my faith will reach that point where I can easily say I’m positive I will give up my life for Him.

1 Peter 4:14-16 says:

If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler. Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name.

Martyrs may endure terrible things on earth in order to spread the news to others, but they are greatly rewarded in heaven. Those who keep that faith and hope through all their suffering are massive inspirations and role models in faith.

I’d like to say that around three years ago, give or take a few, I picked up an awesome book for a dollar at a local consignment store. A book full of stories of Christian martyrs. Only recently have I been actually reading it, and I’ve been blown away by the true stories of martyrs all over the world at all different times. It’s called Jesus Freaks by DC Talk. It makes for an excellent devotional. I recommend you take it out of a library, or get your hands on a copy if you can.


There were some incredible martyrs out there who praised Jesus through, beatings, robberies, deaths, rapes, and all sorts of horrors. They spoke God’s word to their killers, captors, and rioting people of other religions. Risking it all for Jesus didn’t bother them one bit.

I can only pray that one day I’ll have the faith of a martyr.

Quote of the Week

God created you and me with so much love to be successful. He created us to have confidence in Him and our faith. He brushes aside our lurking thoughts of unworthiness, because He created us how He did because He loves us.


Quote of the Week

Don’t give up. Jesus will make a way if He wants to even when there isn’t one.


Quote of the Week

God puts us through hardships and pain. It’s all for an underlying reason though. We ask Him so many questions and He doesn’t answer all of them. He might eventually, or He might not in your time on earth at all. Jesus is the only one who gives us true answers. Satan doesn’t, and alcohol, drugs, and pain don’t either. In the end, Jesus will take care of you, regardless how bad off your life is. Sometimes it’s for the best that you don’t know the answer to a question in your life. Remember that.


Verse (Quote) of the Week

Not only did I find beauty in the truthful words of this verse, but I was drawn by the picture and artwork with the wording as well. I grabbed this lovely verse off of tumblr. Such a great reminder of how wonderful God is and what He does for us.


30 Day Challenges

So I’m about to set off on a journey of 30 day challenges. I’ve acquired the idea from a TED talk clip I actually was shown at church a couple weeks ago. I’ll happily share the link with you below. I pray to accomplish making better use of my time to especially spend time with God, listen, pray, and delve into His word. I recommend you consider trying this method to develop good habits, or just do something you might not otherwise. :) All prayers are appreciated as my journey begins.


I’ve actually downloaded an app to remind myself and help track my progress with the challenges.

Blessings to you as Fall progresses,