Quote of the Week

This week the quote of the week is actually a rhetorical sort of question:

Why wish upon a star when you can pray to the one who created it?

I realize that many have not yet had the blessing of hearing the gospel and learning about Jesus, but to my fellow Christians and those who have heard the truth – think on that concept.

Here’s a very inspirational and insightful video journal by Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, on their new song Stars in the Night. I wrote a post on my amazing concert experience with them just last week! Click here to read it.

They’re one of my favorite music groups of all time, and Christian too.

It’s an awesome song, and I encourage you to go and listen to it!

Be encouraged, and know that God’s promises are kept and stars are beautiful reminders of His glory and grace.


Quote of the Week

Sometime last week I really looked into a Christian artist duo called For KING & COUNTRY. I came away with a joy-filled heart and worship on the tip of my tongue. These two brothers sing incredibly inspiring and encouraging songs for those of the Christian faith. I bought their new album that released on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. Please go search them and let their words remind you of God’s desires. Here’s a verse from, in my opinion, one of their most powerful impacting songs. Be blessed and strive to achieve what God has made you capable of–


Lord, fix my eyes on you.


This song is a song I go to when I need a mood lifter. It’s such an encouraging song when you stop and listen to the lyrics. It reminds me of how great our God really is. I wanted to share it with you. :)

May the Lord be with you,

What Faith Can Do

As you may have seen on my previous post I shared a glance of my worship/praise music playlist. There were a few Kutless songs included and there still are more. I gravitate towards bands like Kutless when I’m in need of encouragement. If you have read my blog before you would know that I struggle with my faith. Doubt is a big issue of mine and What Faith Can Do by Kutless inspires me so much. I’ve been moved to tears by this song before and it holds special meaning to me. It reassures my faith and encourages me to act with it. I hugely recommend Kutless if you’re a Christian in need of some inspirational music. It’s amazing what a song can do. With that I’ll leave you the lyrics and a link to What Faith Can Do.

What Faith Can Do-Kutless



Prayers your way,

Worship/Praise playlist


Here’s a quick glimpse at part of my worship/praise playlist. Each and every one of these songs inspire me and convey a positive message. Sometimes they bring me to tears. They remind me to be humble and make me feel so strong. Jesus really is always by my side. Faith CAN do amazing things, and He is Strong Enough to Save and Everything I Need. Most of these songs will always be my favorites. Encouraging, uplifting, inspiring among other things. What are your favorite worship/praise songs?
Blessings to you,

By Your Side

Tenth Avenue North is by far one of my favorite Christian bands. Their lyrics are so encouraging and uplifting and drive home their message. One of their older songs, By Your Side has been helping me lately. Read the lyrics and look it up if you will. I pray that you will be as encouraged and reassured in your dark times as I am.