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Sixteen Characteristics of Love (Day 231) #BiOY 

Bible in One Year

It is my goal to start doing this before the year is up! I adore the idea of trying to genuinely love through all of the descriptors of love that God declared in His word. I most certainly will have to stop at the first one to start – what do you think of this? 


Envy & Friendship

Envy is a horrible feeling. I absolutely detest it with every ounce of my being. Yet, we all feel it creeping on us and seeping into our bones.

Envy is a struggle I have faced time and time again. Mainly, I envy others abilities to be social, to make friends, and to have many close friendships. When I type this all out, I realize how ridiculous this all is.

I am blessed with the best friends I could ask for, and what we have is no less special than the friendships others have as well.

A big factor in this aspect of my jealousy tends to be the fact that most of my best friends do not attend the same school that I do. While there are many times that I am grateful of this fact, for multiple reasons, I can’t help but long for the security of a big group of friends to surround me at school.

What I have come to realize is that it doesn’t matter. My goal in life is to live for Jesus everyday. If I successfully do that, then I will build friendships from it, and many other results with occur as well.

Sociality is a trait that is not nearly as easy for me as it is for other people, but I have come to realize that even if it’s not one of my strengths, Jesus has blessed me with many others.

My fear is of the initial talking and getting to know a person before I’m comfortable with them. I fear judgement and unacceptance.

What I need to accept is the fact that friendships can’t be formed without risks. Heck, nothing great in relationships and friendships can come without risks. We have to take risks if we want a chance at success. Envy is a pitiful reason to covet things that you, in fact, could have yourself.

My prayer is that I can put my envy behind me, and take the risk to form friendships. To put myself out there, and be willing to possibly get hurt. With Jesus I can do anything, but with myself alone I can do nothing.

It is with Jesus that I will take risks, live for Him, and build friendships. It would be without Jesus’ pride in me that I would sit back and covet what is within reach.

As much as I hate the phrase, everything does happen for a reason. Only the Father knows.

All prayers appreciated,

–Changing for Him

Jealousy & Sin

In all honesty, jealousy is one of the ugliest emotions I’ve ever felt. It’s probably one of the most depressing ones I’ve felt as well.

jealousy (noun) – resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc.

I hate it. I really do. I hate that I’m jealous of others. I hate that satan makes me feel this way. I hate that I resent others just for having more success in their lives in some way, shape, or form.

Letting go of all jealous feelings is no easy task. Stopping sinning in any way, is no easy task. God didn’t give us these challenges and expect them to be easy. Oh no, He knew they would be hard from the beginning. What helps me is peace.

Asking God for peace. I ask God for peace. To not worry about tomorrow, or next weekend. To not worry about the next hour, but to just have peace. More often than not, He grants that very wish. It’s a wonderful feeling. Letting go of all resentment, hurt, pain, anxiety, the like.

I still have an awfully hard time letting go of things that I long for, but I know aren’t right. I know that in the end, it will be worth it. It will be for the best. For God, and for myself. It’s not worth all the pain I’m causing the Lord. No matter what it is, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth disobeying the Lord for, because He will bring us into the Heavens after this life. Life will be better.

I continually ask God to give me peace, and help me let go of jealousy, and sin. I’d appreciate any prayers at the moment, seeing as I’m going through a difficult phase.

It’s hard…oh my…so dang hard. But I can do this. Let go of this jealousy, and anxiety, and sin, and live for Him.

God finds a way for everything. If He wants it to happen. It will happen. I keep telling myself that. I know it’s true. Word for word. Yet, I’m still struggling. I’m merely human. I can do this. I will do this. Jesus will help me do this. God will help me do this.

I am weak, but He is strong. Begone jealousy, anxiety, and sin. My Lord is amazing, and He shall help me prevail through my trials. I pray, and I cry. God is good. I am blessed. This is life. His love is holding me up. I’m falling forward.

Thanks for listening…