Consider Your Health

Too often we set a goal for ourselves and try to achieve it with no pauses in the get-go. We care too much about success, whether that be academic recognition, big money, or simply happiness. However, the latter is considered an extremely rare find. 

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with school. My grades needed to be high A’s, and I needed to take the hardest classes in order to receive top accolades. However, I’ve realized, that even though perhaps all that could be attainable if I devoted all of my time to it and used my God-given brain, it’s not worth it. And, more importantly, it’s not healthy.

I still care about my grades, and I still strive to excel. However, it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t do perfectly all the time and I don’t dedicate all of my time to obtaining those perfect grades. I’ve learned that it’s okay to do what you want to do in high school, like take art classes, a personal example of mine.

I thoroughly enjoy graphic design, so I take classes for it. Does it bring down my class rank? Probably. Does it really matter that much? Nope. I’m only in high school, which is far from a place where the majority of my life will be spent, and I want to enjoy myself. I want to be healthy, and I can do that by breaking up my heavy classes with some art. I can still maintain high grades with art classes, too. Sure I won’t be top of my class, but I will have invested hours of my life into something that I have a love for. 

Isn’t that lovely?

I encourage you all, to remember your health. Take the time to do things for you. Open your eyes and look at what you’re doing in life, and do what makes you happy.

Honestly, killing yourself over not attaining your perfect level of material success is not worth it. Get your sleep, soak up your leisure time with fun activities, and make sure to care for yourself, your relationships, and others. 

Invest in Jesus, invest in you, invest in your health.

This post was randomly inspired by a quality talk with a friend this morning. There’s a difference between knowledge and application, so please, choose to be wise and care for your well-being over fitting the nation’s mold of success.

Do what makes you happy. Live what you love, or rather, make sure you love whatever the heck you live.


Neil Perry

But truly, how many kids could look you in the eye and tell you that they never thought pulling a Neil Perry would be appealing? In this day and age, I do believe, surprisingly only few.

To anyone and everyone out there who have no clue when I reference Neil Perry, look up and watch Dead Poet’s Society. The main character, Neil, eventually kills himself because of his overbearing and inconsiderate parents. Yeah, this post really is a lot darker then you probably originally thought.

To all the parents out there: please, I beg you, at the least, practice what you preach. I will tell you, nothing makes a kid despise their parents more than hypocrisy. Like, for example, lying when you establish lying is not tolerated in your household.

So yeah, there’s that.

Now, I personally have the very strong belief that I am not stupid enough to ever pull a Neil Perry, but, I see why he did it. I understand him. So many kids in these days understand him. Sometimes you get caught in your emotions so deeply that you might do what you would normally consider the unthinkable.

So just, be kind to your children. Invest in them and in their knowledge and relationships with Jesus. Spend time with them. Do what you can to help them become comfortable around you, and let them know that you are always there for them to tell anything. Be there to help draw them closer to Christ.

I wouldn’t know what a parent-child relationship like that is like, but let me say, I wish I had one. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, we just aren’t like that.

Perhaps you already are like this, or you are sure that your child won’t ever consider pulling a Neil Perry…don’t count on it.

Trust me, there is so much in this world that makes it unappealing.

However, when the time is right, someday I will be in a better place. And hopefully you, as well.

If you are considering pulling a Neil Perry, hang tight, I’ve been there before. Only briefly, when every logical thought flees my head. But know that you are not alone, there are people supporting you and your endeavors, be who you want to be. Escape your misery by living life your own way. Defy the bonds of captivity, and face the consequences. God has you, He cares for you, and He wants so much for you.

Trust me.

Time Literally Flies

Yes, it’s already that time of year again. School, and I’m more unprepared then ever. Yay.

Hopefully what I’m feeling right now is just last minute nerves and tomorrow everything will go up to par on the first day back.

Where in the world did summer go this year?! A ten short weeks breezed past in a more-than-timely fashion due to the abundance of snow days and fuller schedule of my summer this year.

I was very blessed this summer with finding a part-time job and some yard work to save up for my own laptop! I now have the money but I need to find one and commit – which, in the long run, is the hardest part for me. Work kept me busy enough to not blow my brains out thinking too much, and it also helped me to appreciate the free time that I did have more than I might have otherwise.

Part of the aforementioned business contributed to the fact that I didn’t post too many genuine content-filled posts this summer, but I am happy that I managed to squeeze a few in here and there.

August has been a bit hectic due to fall sports preseason but now that the long hours of practice are over maybe things will die down a little. Who am I kidding here?

I venture into this new school year with hope of new friendships, reviving old ones, strengthening existing ones, and spreading Christ’s love into the lives of those around me through my actions.

Delving into God’s word is something that I hope to make daily, and I pray that I will glean strength and growth in my faith from it. Prayers for me to invest more into His word are very much appreciated, because I have already said many times that I would only to not get around to it.

Tomorrow is another end and another beginning.

As titled, time really does fly. I guess college will be here before I know it. I’m not ready to think about that yet though, I have a few years.

I don’t feel ready for the new school year, but God is with me always and will help me through it. I have nothing to fear.


Cheers to more opportunities and change,

God Bless,