He is with us;

I’m crazy in over my head, and crazy blessed and crazy overwhelmed. Fall is here, and the startup of school has put me in the center of a whirlwind of activities. 

Particularly this fall, my prayer is to build my relationship with Christ and manage my time so that I prioritize Him, as well as just honoring Him through my actions! 

Hope all is well–

D. Fayth



Quote of the Week

With a myriad of responsibilities at this chaotic time in life, trusting God is key to peace and success. He has me, and He hears all my prayers. Any attempt, no matter how big or how small, is just as valuable.

I am praying for a enjoyable weekend as I finish out my sports season and conquer end of the year projects and finals! Blessings to you all–

D. Fayth

2k14 in All Its Glory

Can I saw wow?! Woah, so much has happened in this past year, and it has quite possibly been the best year yet of my short life. 2k14, or, more technically speaking, 2014, has been a drastic year of growth, of change, new friends, new experiences, more memories, and disappointments as well as joys.

Let me just say that now I look at myself last year and think: how was I so oblivious?

I did some stupid stuff, and I thought I was cool and knew stuff that I literally knew nothing about. At the same time, I know that next year I’ll look back at this year like that, and so on and so forth.

I was just talking with my dad the other day about how we have the tendency to always look back on times that we thought we knew a lot and had everything working out for us, but in reality we knew little or close to nothing. He assured me that it happens every year, and how college will make you look back and high school and wonder, and how when you’re 30 you’ll look back at college and wonder, and it continues on and on. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a cycle.

As far as new year resolutions for 2014 held up, I honestly have no clue. Chances are, I didn’t manage to accomplish all of my goals. I don’t even remember what I had hopes for in 2014.

I vaguely remember myself reminiscing 2013 and all that held. Let me jump back to here and reread my reflections post for 2013. Ah, yes, 2013 was a year full of realizing what friendships were most valuable to me and establishing the existence of my faith. I fully admit that last year was a struggle with doubt and wondering if Jesus was really in my heart.

This year, with my faith a better understood, I was blessed and overjoyed to have climbed over and pretty much conquered doubt. There was still anxiety and a little creeping of doubt here and there in my faith this year, but I knew in my heart that Jesus was there, and that I, indeed, am saved. This was a relief and a joy, it brought pleasure to me and helped me focus more time on further developing my faith vs. establishing it’s existence.

Like always, the sea that is faith was ever changing, the tides were high, low, and in-between. Nearer to the end of this year, I finally started really delving into Scripture again to be inspired and motivated by the word of God.

Job was a really inspirational book for me, and I am amazed by God’s servant’s faith and trust in the Lord. Admittedly, after Job was over, I have again been lacking in spending time in the Bible, but I hope and pray to continue to read more and more of God’s Scripture in this coming year. Wisdom, hope, love, and words of encouragement lie within the Bible, and they are always a blessing.

Let me recount some of my blessings in 2014:

  • I scored a summer job, corn pollinating, but a job nonetheless (also, two weekly mowing jobs) — This made me extremely happy because I had been continually searching for a job, and, at my age it was hard to find one.
  • I purchased a Retina MacBook Pro! — After researching and gazing at MacBooks for almost half a year, I finally spent some of my savings (thanks God for the summer job!) to buy this fabulous machine that I am typing on right now. As an avid lover of technology, having a high quality laptop of my own meant that I could use it as I pleased and whenever I pleased, something that is super convenient although not necessary. Also, with my interest and enjoyment in graphic design, once I have enough to purchase the Adobe Cs6 Design software, a Mac is definitely one of the best laptops to run it.
  • The start of the school year was a smooth one. With 2014 only being my third year in the public school world, and not being the most gifted in the sociable area, I was very thankful to start the school year off well with new friendships, old friendships, and additional acquaintances.
  • A trip to the beach with my cousins was successfully made. I love the beach, nature in itself is absolutely gorgeous and God mesmerizes me with all his intricate creations and creativity, but I have to say that the beach is one of my all time favorite places. Additionally, my cousins are some of my all time favorite people who I am blessed to have strong friendships with. All of us were stuffed in a tiny house, and two of the days were a little drizzly, but lots of memories and quality time was spent at the beach, and there was fun in nearly every moment. The beach is my happy place.
  • My dearest friendships have stayed intact. Although I didn’t worry too much about this, I am ever grateful to have my close friends by my side. We can support each other in Christ and just life in general, regardless of what schools we attend and where we live. This, in itself, is a major praise and I am extremely thankful for them. They are among the best blessings.
  • My faith has grown. Of all of these, I am completely and incredibly thankful that I have gotten to know myself and my Creator better than ever before this year. 2014 has been full of experiences that have shaped and continue to shape me as a person and Christian through trials and joys. With prayers and words heaven bound and worship in solitude and union, I rejoice for He is the Almighty, and through Him I am challenged and strive to make the most of this life on earth.

As I venture into the new year I know that I am not alone, for He is with me, and I have my friends and family by my side.

I am extremely excited to see what 2015 brings in life and faith. Incredibly thankful for a wonderful, wonderful 2014. 2k14 in all its glory ladies and gentlemen!

I am praying for a lovely end of 2014 and a spectacular start to 2015 during this wonderful holiday break off of school. It is my hope to take advantage of opportunities of sharing Jesus’ good news this coming year!

To living and loving for Him, and a new year holding lots of joy–

Cheers my friends!

‘Tis the Festive Time of Year

December 2014 is almost over.

What did I just type?! This year has been off the charts, and God has blessed me with so much. Merely an hour ago, I was let out of school with arms open wide to embrace the eagerly awaited Christmas break. No school for 12 days, minimal homework, family, presents, friends, and Christ are all with or going to be with me in spirit and actuality.

The next time I’m back in school to learn will be in another year! 2015, the year of the future in the 80s Back to the Future movies (fabulous for a laugh).

With the festive season in full swing, I plan to do some last minute Christmas shopping this evening and then fully enjoy the rest of my week. I am again reminded and amazed at how fast a year can zip by, it seems like only yesterday we had received the news of Nelson Mandela’s death.

As gifts have already started to be exchanged, I have found that this year especially so, I find more joy in giving than receiving. Of course, everyone loves a good present, myself included. However, the joy that comes in picking things out to give to people that mean the most to you, and seeing their excitement at the gifts you have given, trumps all.

And without further ado, be joyful in this season as we remember Jesus and his gift of salvation to us.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! And if I don’t get back here until after Christmas, Merry Christmas as well!


Time Literally Flies

Yes, it’s already that time of year again. School, and I’m more unprepared then ever. Yay.

Hopefully what I’m feeling right now is just last minute nerves and tomorrow everything will go up to par on the first day back.

Where in the world did summer go this year?! A ten short weeks breezed past in a more-than-timely fashion due to the abundance of snow days and fuller schedule of my summer this year.

I was very blessed this summer with finding a part-time job and some yard work to save up for my own laptop! I now have the money but I need to find one and commit – which, in the long run, is the hardest part for me. Work kept me busy enough to not blow my brains out thinking too much, and it also helped me to appreciate the free time that I did have more than I might have otherwise.

Part of the aforementioned business contributed to the fact that I didn’t post too many genuine content-filled posts this summer, but I am happy that I managed to squeeze a few in here and there.

August has been a bit hectic due to fall sports preseason but now that the long hours of practice are over maybe things will die down a little. Who am I kidding here?

I venture into this new school year with hope of new friendships, reviving old ones, strengthening existing ones, and spreading Christ’s love into the lives of those around me through my actions.

Delving into God’s word is something that I hope to make daily, and I pray that I will glean strength and growth in my faith from it. Prayers for me to invest more into His word are very much appreciated, because I have already said many times that I would only to not get around to it.

Tomorrow is another end and another beginning.

As titled, time really does fly. I guess college will be here before I know it. I’m not ready to think about that yet though, I have a few years.

I don’t feel ready for the new school year, but God is with me always and will help me through it. I have nothing to fear.


Cheers to more opportunities and change,

God Bless,



It’s finally here. The long awaited season I have pined for is finally happening. Today is the first Monday at home this summer, and it was a lovely feeling to not have to roll out of bed at 6:00 A.M.

However, summer gives me eons of time. Time to relax, have fun spending time with friends, and thinking about the vast opportunities and options God has given me in this life. I ponder educational options, daydream about vacations, spend time volunteering, and earning a few bucks with several odd jobs.

Also, the friendship anxiety can be stressed in the summer. You have more time to think, you try to arrange get togethers, the whole skedaddle. Sometimes my insecurities act up, and I panic. I am praying that this summer I can just safely put my friendships in God’s hands and dwell on peace. That’s a much needed prayer request. Thanks to all who think of me, because, there’s so much better stuff to pray about then my silly worries.

A peaceful summer, wouldn’t that be lovely? Admittedly, the highlight of my summer is pretty much always going to the beach. I don’t know why exactly, but I love the beach. The sand underneath my feet, but mostly the ocean. The salty water, the waves, the laughs and joy and fun with friends at the coast. I love it all. It’s one of the best parts of God’s creation in my opinion. I revel in it. Those days are when my happiness is at the tippy top of the mountain. Still, there’s a matter of enjoying all my summer moments, not just the best ones. For example, I don’t even know if I’m going to really get to the beach this year, that is, besides one semi-planned day. Also, that’s at the end of my summer.

Now, I can’t really wait all summer just for one joy-filled day at the end, can I? Well, I could, but where’s the fun it that? Summer’s about enjoying life to the full, and, as my elders have told me, you don’t stay young forever.

Time flies. It literally flies. I blink and six months of 2014 are already past. It’s already halfway through June for goodness sake! This past school year brushed by me in seemingly a few mere minutes.

I’m ready to spend this summer a bit differently than my past ones. Seeing as I’m now older and more mature, I hope to live a little and try and seek out what God has in store for me. I’m still finding out who I am, and I’m praying that it will be a time to develop my relationship wit h God a bit more.

He is good, and I am grateful. Looking to scatter the anxiety and depression, and create a whole new outlook on everyday life. I hope to spend more time in Scripture as well.



Start Anew

Wow, another month has sped by and I feel like I’ve barely blinked my eyes. My birthday is right around the corner and school is just a little over a month to being over. Spring has come and swept the earth with green and flowers, and April is certainly ending with a lot of showers. ;)

This start of a new month signifies another 30, er..31 days. This month my challenge for myself is to step away from some of my social media that doesn’t bring fruit to my life.

Supposedly, 30 days is the amount of time it takes to make a habit stick. I do believe that I have a previous post about 30 day challenges and a Ted talk that you’ll get redirected to if you click here.

Another goal, or no, not goal, expectation I have for myself is reading scripture every single one of those 30 days. I feel like I often neglect God’s Word and don’t take the time to even read and reap the benefits his wisdom lets us receive.

April was a month of ups and downs, basically your typical cycle of everyday teenage life. I pray that May holds good things in store for me, and that God will guide me through the trials and opportunities that present themselves.

Wipe your slate clean from yesterday, that was last month. Enter this new month with a fresh smile and an open heart. Start anew.

My First (Belated) Blogoversary

First off, I’d like to apologize for my infrequent posts as of late. I honestly have no huge legitimate excuse for not posting more often and I’m sorry. I hope that once this month switches over I’ll be back to a regular routine.

Second of all, this post will be extremely short. The reason for this being said is that I’m tired, and that I’m just not in the mood to write at this given moment.

Nevertheless, yesterday, January 20th was my first blogoversary. Namely, the day a year ago that I created this blog. Through the past year it has helped me so much to let out my thoughts, and you, the readers, are among some of the best support groups out there. Just knowing that someone is reading my posts really relieves me, and it’s comforting to know. Comments and likes only make me appreciate you guys more. They help me to know when you relate, when you like what you read, and help me to decide how to act.

So basically, to sum it all up, a big thank you to you all and the Father. Ultimately, without Jesus in my life and my ever fluctuating and growing relationship with Him, this blog would have never existed.

Here’s a cheesy picture that expresses a few words of gratitude towards you readers on my behalf.


Over the past year I haven’t gained an enormous amount of publicity, but certainly more than I’d expected. I have around 100 blog followers and my posts get shared with about 250 additional followers on my other social media as well. I absolutely love to share my thoughts with you. Please feel free to share them yourself with others.

Hopefully sometime or another I’ll get around to posting a sort of “year in review” post of my life events through the duration of this blog. We’ll see.

Much love to you this week and all praise to the King,


2014/Reflection on 2013

2014.  It’s another year, a new beginning, a start, a change, a blessing, a lesson, a journey, a mountain, a climb, and a simple number.  A two, zero, one, four. A new year to prosper, to flourish, blossom, conquer, and praise Him.

We always seem to tell the new year to be good to us, but how can it be? Jesus is the one who controls and oversees our lives. He makes our lives to shape our beings, and He carries us through the ups and downs for His own reasons.

Seeing as we’re in the last stretch of 2013, I’m feeling rather reflective on this year at the moment. So, so much has changed. Maybe it’s just because now, I’m still a child, but ever so much more understanding, mature, and growing.

2013 has been a huge growth year for me. I’ve established my best friends, good friends, and just several friendships that have grown to mean worlds to me. Jesus has  been good to me. As He always is, regardless of my clouded vision.

Not only in friendship, but in faith, in virtues, in wisdom, thoughts, and actions I’ve grown.

I see my childish actions from  before, and sometimes, I wonder how I used to be that, but now I’m so different.  Adults always tell me that life passes in a blink, and that you grow up before you know it.

It’s one of those sayings you grow used to and tired of hearing the older people in your life say. There’s so much truth to it though. I am simply a teen, and I don’t even begin to try to comprehend what adults mean by this, but I do understand. I understand how people can change, friendships can change, life can change, I can change, and all in an instant. If I revealed my age to you, I believe you’d be rather shocked. At the fact that I’m as old as I am, and I guess I seem older through my musings and reflections.

There are days during a year that pass by seemingly dutifully slow, and there are days that you’re having so much fun that they whiz past you in a blur. All of those days make up your life, help shape who you are, and add to your life knowledge. They teach you what is right and what is wrong, if you can even define that.

I’ve learned that complaining doesn’t help, or at least, most of the time it doesn’t. I’ve learned that doing the things that scare you the most, or that you dread, turn out to be the beginning of something great. I get scared easily, of what others think, of how I’ll look to others, and I do have an insecure feeling about how others view me.

It’s a horrible feeling, anxiety that is. I’ve learned that you need to put that behind you. Don’t be scared of what others think. Pursue whatever you want, within Godly standards, and if others judge you, they’re not worth thinking about.

This isn’t be any means easy. I’m still learning as it is, and I’m struggling with the aforementioned concept and conquering my fear, but I’m taking baby steps. Jesus is with me, and you, every step of the way.

My faith journey has fluctuated so much throughout the year of 2013. It has gone from strong, to tentative, to somewhere in-between. Admittedly, at the moment it’s in that middle space, but I pray that Jesus will set me on the path to strong again.

Recently, a friend gave me a tip, she said something vaguely along the lines of, “Don’t be worried about it, you can do it. Think about it this way, you can’t do anything, but God, yeah, He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So just do it.”

As far as friendships go, I don’t necessarily have all my closest friends at my high school, but I have wonderfully Godly best friends that all live in the vicinity somewhat near me.  I am very blessed to have wonderful guys and girls as my closest friends, and enjoy every second of my time spent with them. I feel like I rely on my friends so much, for prayer and everything, and they are a huge blessing. It’s awesome to have friends of both genders. Having input and advice from both perspectives is immensely helpful and meaningful. At the beginning of 2013 I would’ve just said they’re good friends, but now I can say they’re my best.

I started this blog in 2013, and it’s helped me reflect on my faith journey, address my issues, doubts, praises, and just Christianity as a whole. I’d like to thank you, as readers, for just reading my musings and ups and downs. It just means a lot, that someone out there is reading what I’m writing, that someone cares, and that someone relates to me. I appreciate any and every comment people make. Please, comment and tell me what you think! Or prayer requests and anything like that is welcome!

All in all 2013 was a good year. A lovely one. Albeit, A rough one at times, and many lessons were learnt, but that was all for the greater good. God blessed me this past year, and I wouldn’t change anything, even though I do have my regrets.  It has left me with many memories that will linger.

Praying that you ring in the new year with love, joy, peace, and hope. 2014 shall be a good year, I have faith in Jesus.

Wishing you the best ending to 2013, and joy in the coming year. Make it count. Work with Jesus, and make it something to be proud of and to reflect on. Cut bad habits, start new journeys, climb bigger mountains, and be constant in prayer and praising Him.